A hand and nail treatmant to transform your hands and nails. Treatment includes nail shaping, cuticle tidying, hand and forearm massage, (to help lythatic drainage) an application of a hand mask or a hand scrub followed by clear varnish or buffing. Allow 45 minutes.




Luxury Manicure

A hand and nail treatment to transform your hands and nails, help blood flow and leave skin feeling silky soft. Treatment includes nail shaping, cuticle tidying, hand and forearm massage (to help lythatic drainage) exfoliant, application of a nourishing hand mask and placed in warming mits for 10-15 minutes followed by your chosen nail varnish or buffing. Allow 60 minutes.




with Gel Polish add on     £13.00


A Foot Treatment which transforms our often neglected toes into well pampered feet. Treatment includes, refreshing citrus foot soak, toe nail shaping, cuticle tidying, buffing, moisturising foot care lotion with foot massage followed by a clear or coloured nail varnish. Allow 45 minutes.




Luxury Pedicure

Treat youself and revive those tired feet with ingredients containing Menthol, Coconut Oil and Maderin this will unwind and soothe any dry skin locking in moisture.

Transform those often neglected toes in too a well pampered luxury pedicure, with a relaxing foot massage and heated foot boots for added moisture, helping with blood flow and skinsoftness.

Treatment includes citrus foot soak. lime and ginger foot scrub, foot massage, application of peppermint footmask and plced on warming boots for 10-15 minutes, file, buff, cuticles tidying, moisturising foot care application and massage followed by a clear or coloured nail varnish. Allow 75 minutes. 




 with Gel Polish add on      £13.00

Gel Polish


Gel polish is a hybrid durable polish cured under a UV/LED lamp and gives a high shine. We recommend to soaked off by our beauty therapist leaving no damage to natural nails.

Gel Polish hands                                                                                 £ 18.50
Gel Overlay with Gel Polish                                                           £ 30.00
Gel polish Toes                                                                                     £ 18.50
Gel polish Removal                                                                             £   5.00
Swarovski Crystal Toes     £35.00
Nail Art prices are to be added on. (Please state when booking)      
Nail art                                                                                              from     £   1.00
Swarovski Crystals                                                                       from     £   3.00
Chrome Polish     £   5.00

Nail Extensions

Acrylic Nail Extensions     £20.00
Acrylis Nail Extensions with Gel Polish      £27.00
In-fills     £15.00
In-fills with gel polish      £19.00
Acrylic Removal     £10.00
Nail Art prices are to be added on. (Please state when booking)      
Nail art                                                                                           from     £1.00
Swarovski Crystals                                                                       from     £3.00
Chrome Polish     £5.00

Cancelation Policy

  • 24 hours Cancellation Notice is needed for all treatments and services.
  • 48 Hours Cancellation Notice is needed for all treatments and services over 1-2 hours.
  • Failure to cancel within period notice will incur a standing charge of £5 per 15 minutes.
  • Whilst booking, to pay non-refundable deposits towards long standing treatments, which will be deducted off the bill line when checking out.
  • Failure to cancel within the period notice with pre-payments/Deposits will be lost.
  • In case of emergencies please contact us immediatley 01902 633 736
  • Cancellation Policy Applies to all treatments and services at Rachael Unisex Hair Salon Ltd.

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